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Are we still justifying violence in defense of purity of faith?
And at what cost?
YOU decide!

Kol HaLev
Cleveland's Reconstructionist Jewish Community

THE PEOPLE vs. The Maccabees - A THEATRICAL MOCK TRIAL. Saturday, March 25, 2017, 7:30pm

Tickets $30 - $125 On sale February 1

Visit this site beginning February 1 to buy online or download a mail-in order form.


The Maccabean revolt is often described as a war for religious freedom; it was, more fundamentally,
an intra-cultural struggle turned violent, between subsets of the Jewish community who vehemently disagreed
whether and how much to assimilate into the predominant Hellenistic culture.

The People vs The Maccabees, takes a fresh look at the acts of Judas Maccabeus and family through a contemporary lens.
Are the Maccabees guilty of some of the same crimes we ascribe to modern-day groups who advocate
a rigid interpretation of a religion that leads to the justification of horrendous acts of violence?

The audience is the jury for this entertaining, live court room drama and interfaith dialogue, which features
a cast of legal, religious, and academic all-stars. Join us for this dramatic, live courtroom battle,
and YOU, the audience-as-jury, will decide The Maccabees' fate!

Listen rapt to the dramatic arguments for the defense and prosecution, cast your ballot, then engage with our panel
of religious thought leaders as they wrestle with the social and ethical implications of this formative tale.

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